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Benefits of Incorporation Software

Who are CFS and what do they do?

CFS are a team of experienced company formation agents, who specialise in all aspects of company start ups and ongoing maintenance both in the UK and overseas.  They were founded in 2001 and have now assisted with the setup of more than 120,000 companies for clients, all using the simple, efficient and reliable online system.  15 years on, they have clients worldwide and they have a well-established head office based in South Yorkshire with administration, sales and IT teams.  CFS were one of the first companies that registered with Companies House as an approved electronic company formation agent who were able to register companies online.  They have the skills and experience to ensure that your company is set up correctly either in the UK or offshore.  Their aim is to ensure that their customers always receive the highest standard of service and always strive to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the CFS experience.  CFS’s goal is to make the whole incorporation and company maintenance process as simple and straight forward as possible for their customers.

What is Incorporation Software? And how does it work?

CFS’ incorporation software provides a free facility which will allow your clients to incorporate a company directly on your website. The incorporation software is available to all formation agents, accountants, solicitors and lawyers. Your customers will be given the impression that you have your own software to incorporate companies, however when your client submits an incorporation it will come straight through to CFS and they will incorporate the company for you!  CFS will provide you with a few lines of website code that you or your programmer can add straight into your existing website.  Once the code has been added, the incorporation software will be available for your clients to use.

On the CFS website you are given access to a dashboard where you can simply amend the appearance of the software to ensure it looks the same as your website. You are able to simply amend the background colours, font colours, table colours and button colours.  Help and assistance can be provided at any stage if required, no problem.  The Incorporation Software will be customised to suit your branding.  The CFS name is never mentioned throughout the incorporation software, so your clients will think the whole formation process is yours.

You will be able to set a mark-up price on each service that you offer on the Incorporation Software. For example, CFS charge 27.95GBP for a Limited by Shares Incorporation, you could charge your client 50.00GBP, and you would then be making a profit of 22.05GBP. Any profit can then be used by to place your own orders with CFS or you can request the profit to be transferred back to you as a profit payment.

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Services that can be used through Incorporation Software

Your client will be able to incorporate UK Companies, Offshore Companies and order many other services such as Apostilles and Registered Offices. Basically, almost all of the services that CFS offer to you.

You will be able to select which CFS services you would like to offer to your customers. CFS also provide a facility where you are able to add your own service to the incorporation software, these can then be resold onto your customers. For example, if you wish to sell your own Registered Office service to your clients, this is no problem as CFS can add this service to your incorporation software.

The costs, is it really FREE?

Yes, it’s free with no obligation, no contracts and no licence software and CFS pay you to use the software!  That’s right when your client orders through the Incorporation Software the profit will be paid to you.

Benefits of using Incorporation Software

  • CFS incorporation software is designed to allow your clients to directly input company details on your website and submit them to Companies House
  • Minimal input required by yourself
  • No need for you to set up and pay for your own facility to take online payments
  • An extremely easy and cost effective way for you to offer your customers online incorporations, other services and payment facilities
  • You are able to set your own prices, allowing you to make a profit on the services
  • CFS software is specifically designed to eliminate and minimise the amount of typing of basic company details. All data input can be carried out directly by your customers
  • To enable you to provide the best possible service to your customers the software comes with many built in checks which is why CFS has one of the lowest incorporation rejected rates with Companies House
  • At no point will your client be able to see any details or branding of CFS, as they will not leave your website
  • You will be able to keep track of who has registered and used the Incorporation Software, on your dashboard
  • CFS provide an easy method to manage your clients and to see what they have ordered.
  • Its free to set up and CFS pay you profit!

How will CFS be hidden?

Your client will never be aware that the company has been formed by CFS as all emails will be sent directly to you, for you to then send onto your client.

No information about CFS will be displayed anywhere. There will be no links back to CFS.

To minimise any work for you, any password changes will be emailed directly to your customer but these will be addressed from, which was a website and company set up specifically and only used for the Incorporation Software.  Therefore, the Incorporation Software will be completely private.

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"I am very impressed with the service that CFS provided for the setup of my Seychelles Company. They made the process very easy and straight forward. I would recommend using CFS"

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