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Certificate of Residence

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What is a Certificate of Residence?

If you are the Director of a UK Company and you are located in a foreign country that has a double taxation treaty with the UK, you may be entitled to claim back certain taxes from the foreign authorities. In order for the foreign authorities to assess whether you are entitled to claim back the taxes they will request a Certificate of Residence for your UK Company. The Certificate will confirm that the company is registered within the UK.

You are able to apply for a certificate of residence if:

  • You are paying UK taxes on foreign income
  • The foreign authorities have requested you to obtain a certificate of residence

By obtaining this certificate it could prevent you from paying taxes twice.
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What do I need to apply for a Certificate?

To apply for a Certificate, the following information is required:

  • Full Company Details
  • Name and Address of the Beneficial Owners
  • Details on where the company sales are made
  • Details on where the income of the company comes from
  • The name and address of the person which pays the income
  • Reason why a Certificate of Residence is required
  • Details of where the company trades
  • The name of the country for which the certificate is required
  • Where the source of income comes from

How long does it take to receive a Certificate?

It usually takes around 15 working days to obtain a Certificate of Residence, however this does depend on HMRC workload.

Once the certificate has been issued it will be sent to the Registered Office Address of the company.

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Certificate of Residence


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