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Registered Office Address - Changing

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What is a Registered Office Address?

A Registered Office Address, also known as a Registered Address is the address of your company. All post addressed to your company will be sent to the Registered Address. The Registered Office Address is held on the public register and is available for the public to view.

It is a legal requirement that all UK Companies have a Registered Office Address located in the UK.

The Registered Address can be your residential address or it can be a business address. Most people prefer to keep their home addresses private. To keep your address private, you can take advantage of the Registered Office services we have available.

  • Keeps your home address private
  • Your home address will not be displayed on the public records
  • Prevent unwanted visitors at your home/business address
  • Prevent unwanted Junk Mail
  • There will always be someone at hand to forward on your essential and important mail
  • If you are an overseas director, you may need this service to form your company as all UK Companies must have a Registered Office Address in the UK

We have several Registered Office services available including addresses in London.
Our 3 most popular services are:

Where can the Registered Address be located?

Depending on where your company is registered will depend on where your Registered Office Address can be located.

Please see further information below:

If your company was set up with a Scotland Address, your company will be a Scottish Company so your Registered Address can only be located in Scotland. Click here to order our Scottish Registered Office.

If your company was set up with a Northern Ireland Address, your company will be a Northern Ireland Company so your Registered Address can only be located in Northern Ireland. Contact us for more details about our Nothern Ireland address.

If your company was set up with an English or Welsh Address, your company will be an English Company so your Registered Address can only be located in England or Wales

How do I change my Registered Office Address?

To change the Registered Office Address, you will usually need to supply us with the company number and unique authentication code, these details may already be saved in our system if you formed your company through CFS. If you do not have your unique authentication code that is no problem we can still assist you with changing the Registered Office Address, please contact us for assistance.

When you change the Registered Address, you will be asked to supply the new address in full.

You are able to change your Registered Office Address electronically using our Company Secretarial Services, or if you purchase a Registered Office from us we will make all the changes for you. Our Secretarial Services is linked directly to Companies House which allows us to obtain the most up to date information on your company within a few seconds.

All changes within a UK Company must be reported to Companies House. 

To make changes to your company, please visit our Company Manager.


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