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Why Use a Registered Office Address in London

London Registered Office 

Having a registered office address in London would help improve the image of a company. It is a legal requirement that all UK companies have a registered office address located in the UK. It gives a good impression showing that the company means business and can be trusted. By claiming a physical address in London, you can show your customers that the business is legit and respected which can make it more appealing to customers.

You will be unable to register your company without a UK registered office address.

The registered office address is displayed on public records at Companies House.

Government agencies (Companies House and HMRC) will contact you via the registered office address. It will also be visible to anyone that wishes to search for your company via Companies House.

A registered office address allows your company to have a presence in the UK regardless of where your company is actually operating.

Many companies prefer an address in London address as this provides their company with a prestigious appearance of a London based company. 

There are a number of different reasons why you should use a Registered Office Address in London.

Benefits of a registered office address in London

London along with New York topped the global list of the world's most influential cities so it is clear to see what impact an address in this city would have on the appearance of your company.

London is recognised worldwide for its economic benefits, judiciary and legal systems which are models for the rest of the world, therefore a prestigious address in London shows a company that is reliable and trustworthy.

Impressing clients is key with any business and your corporate image can be dramatically enhanced by using an address in London along with protecting your privacy.

Privacy Protection

When registering your UK Company, it is extremely important you consider the registered office address that will be displayed at Companies House.

Companies House display the registered office address on public record.

HMRC are also notified of the companies registered office address.

Using a registered office address purchased from CFS allows you to protect the actual address of your company whilst having the peace of mind that your company mail will be sent onto you weekly via either secure electronic scans or Royal Mail delivery.

CFS will intercept unsolicited and junk mail so you only received the mail your company requires.

Registered Office Address explained

A Registered Office Address is extremely important for any company listed at Companies House.

This is the address that HMRC and Companies House will send all legal notifications to, this includes official reminders, legal filing requirements and notifications of deadlines for VAT and corporation tax, this information is vitally important to ensure you meet legal obligations for your UK registered company. Failure to do so could potentially affect your company’s credit rating, cause your company to be struck from the register and / or incur penalties as a result of late filings.

Therefore if you are using a registered office address provider you must be sure that they are a reliable company who will forward this important mail onto you on a regular basis.

Our Registered Office Address service includes weekly forwarding of your mail via secure emails or in original form.

By using a CFS address listed on public record at Companies House it allows you to retain your anonymity and privacy.

Why use a London registered office?

  • To ensure your residential address is not shown on the public register.
  • Impress clients by basing your business in the heart of London, we have an address in Mayfair available. See more information below about Regent Street, Mayfair service.
  • Stops unsolicited junk mail. Marketing junk mail is filtered by us so you only get your company’s official government mail and if you choose our all post service this includes other important letters your company may receive from banks and suppliers.
  • If you have a rental contract restriction - many rental contracts don’t allow the landlord’s address to be used as a registered office.
  • The registered office must be based in the UK, you need this service if you are a non-UK resident.

About Regent Street, Mayfair

Regent Street is one of the busiest and well-known streets in the United Kingdom, possibly even the World. 

Located at the heart of London's West End, Regent Street is one of the world's most prestigious lifestyle destinations, famous for its flagship stores and international brands.

Regent Street has a great reputation, is one of the most exclusive and expensive streets in London, it is an extremely sought after location for businesses. The Regent Street address is include in our business package.

Please contact us today for an informal discussion about your registered office requirements. Our specialist team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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