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Apostille with Notarised Documents – Standard Service

Description Price + VAT
Apostille with Notarised Documents – Standard Service £175.00 £29.00


There is no extra charge for selecting multiple documents.

Documents to Apostille

Document Type Select
Articles of Association
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Current Appointments Report
Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Current Appointments Report, Minutes of Special Meeting of Shareholders
Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
Combined Register
Company Overview
Form IN01(ef) Statement of First Directors and Registered Office
Meeting of Directors
Memorandum of Association
Minutes of First meeting
Minutes of Special Meeting
Share Certificate
Special Power of Attorney
Other (Please specify):

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries other than the UK.
The Notarisation of Documents is usually carried out by a UK Solicitor or Notary.

To Apostille a document a Notary will apply a seal to the affidavit which is attached to the documents. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will then attach an apostille to the documents, this confirms that the Notary’s signature and seal has been certified.

Why use an Apostille?

Once a document has had an Apostille attached the authenticity of the signatures and seals on the documents will be confirmed. The apostille with notarised documents can then be presented to any country which recognises the Apostille.
The receiving party (could be an individual, business or government body) should then accept the signatures or seals on the apostille, which will allow your documents to be treated as genuine documents without further evidence or proof required.

What can be included in my Apostille?

You can apply for 1 or more documents to be apostilled, including:

• Certificate of Incorporation
• Memorandum of Association
• Articles of Association
• Certificate of Good Standing
• Current Appointments Report
• And many more!

You can include as many documents as you like in your Apostille, the charge will not increase.
When you are in the process of placing your order you are able to indicate what documents you would like including in your Apostille.

How long does it take to obtain Apostilled Documents?

We have two different Apostille services available for you to choose from, please see our services below:

• Standard Service – 6-8 working days
• Expedite Service – 2-4 working days

You can choose which service you require on our Price List.
The service you have selected is for the Standard Service of 6-8 working days.

The timescales quoted are for us to obtain the documents for you, postage time to yourself is additional.