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Change or Request Authentication/Web Filing Code

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Change or Request Authentication/Web Filing Code £10.00 £2.00

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What is an Authentication Code?

A company Authentication code is usually made up of 6 letters or numbers that will be used to gain access to your company's details at Companies House. When a company is incorporated through our website, you will receive an Authentication Code with your incorporation documents, you can also find the code on your settings on your account. An authentication code is used to gain access to the company information so that you can make necessary filings for the company electronically. Any changes that are made electronically will require the Authentication code and Company number.

What if I cannot remember my Authentication Code?

If you are unable to remember your Authentication code we are able to request a new one for you. The code will be requested and sent to the Registered Office Address of the company by post. If you incorporated the company through us, you will be able to obtain the code from your settings.

Can I change the Authentication Code for my Company?

Yes, if you already know the code and wish to change it we can do so quickly and easily.

If you do not know the code we are able to change the code by paper for you. For this we will send you a Power of Attorney which will need to be signed by the Director of the Company. The Power of Attorney will give us permission to change the authentication code on your behalf. We do not require any original documentation to change the code by paper. Once we have received the completed Power of Attorney we prepare other supporting document to change the code.

How long does it take to obtain or change my Authentication Code?

Once a code has been requested it takes around 3-5 working days for the code to be delivered to the Registered Office Address. If you are changing the authentication code by paper it takes around 5 working days for the code to be changed with Companies House. We will check and email you once the code has been changed.