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Change of Name Certificate

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Description Price + VAT
Change of Name Certificate £10.00 £2.00

What is a Certificate of Change of Name?

When a company is initially registered a Certificate of Incorporation is issued to confirm that the company has been registered and exists with Companies House.
The Certificate of Change of Name confirms that the company has changed their name.
You are able to change your Company Name at any time, and we can assist you with changing your company name, this service is available from our Price List.

The Certificate of Change of Name consists of the following information:
• Old Company Name
• New Company Name
• Date the Name was changed
• Company Registration Number
• Where the company is registered – England/Wales or Scotland

This service includes your certificate to be printed on the appropriate card and laminated.

Do I need to Apostille my Certificate of Change of Name?

If the Certificate is not going to be used in the UK, but is going to be used in another country, then it is usually recommended that an Apostille is applied to the Certificate of Change of Name. An Apostille is a form of authentication which is applied to the Certificate so that it can be used in countries other than the UK.

The receiving party (could be an individual, business or government body) should then accept the document, as an official apostille has been affixed to the certificate. This will allow your documents to be used in other countries other than the UK without further evidence or proof required.

If you require an Apostille on your Certificate of Change of Name, please select this service from our Price List.