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Corporate Kit

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Corporate Kit £38.00 £7.60

What is a Corporate Kit?

All companies are required to maintain a corporate minute book that holds documents such as, formation paperwork, licenses, resolutions and meeting minutes. It is one of the first things requested when your company is audited or being sold. A company may make their own but most simply buy one when the company is formed.

Why do I need a Corporate Kit?

By ordering the Corporate Compliance Kit, you are able to keep a record of the important company information, including:

• Articles of Incorporation
• Meeting minutes
• Stock certificates
• Stock transfers
• Corporate resolutions
• Written consents
• Legal documents
• Business licenses

The Corporate Kit can be used to present your company details. This service can be ordered by selecting ‘Buy Now’ near the top of this page.
This service can be ordered for any company.

What types of company’s can have a Corporate Kit?

Any type of company can have a corporate kit, they are made to suit all types of companies, including:

• All UK Company Types – LLP, LTD, Guarantee and PLC's
• All Offshore Companies – BVI, Belize etc.

The corporate kit is made to suit all companies incorporated in the UK and Offshore.

How long will it take for me to receive my Corporate Kit?

As soon as we are in receipt of your order we will prepare and send the Corporate Kit to your required location.
Whilst you are in the process of ordering your Corporate Kit you are able to enter your delivery address and choose your required postage method.