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Copy of LLP Agreement

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Copy of LLP Agreement £35.00 £7.00

What is an LLP Agreement?

An LLP Agreement is a general document which is suitable for use with most LLP’s. As it is a general document you are able to add or remove specific sections to suit the company’s requirements.
It is a contract made between the members within a LLP company to establish a fair relationship and to protect their investment.

The most common areas included in an LLP Agreement are:

• Defining the business of an LLP company.
• States when and how Member meetings will be conducted and how decisions will be made
• Any Restrictions will be indicated in an LLP Agreement
• How and when new members can be appointed or terminated
• How profits will be distributed
• How the company is to be financed
• How property will be dealt with
• Who will be and who will not be designated members
• How and when a LLP company may be wound up

Do I need an LLP Agreement?

You are not required to have an LLP Agreement, however it is strongly recommended that LLP Companies enter into an agreement. It will provide clarity and certainty between the members of the company. You can amend the agreements to suit the needs of your company, having a LLP Agreement ensures that any problems that may occur further down the line are addressed.

How do I receive my LLP Agreement?

Once the company has been incorporated you will receive the LLP Agreement by email with your Incorporation Documents. You can also opt to have Hard Copies of the Incorporation documents and LLP Agreement at an additional cost.
If you require the LLP Agreement after the company has been incorporated, that is no problem you can order this service and we will email you the LLP Agreement.
Our LLP Agreement is easy to amend to suit your company requirements, in various places text has been inserted where you may need to amend information. You can also delete any information to make the Agreement suitable to you.