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Protection for Residential Address

Please review your requested service and assign to a company below:

Description Price + VAT
Protection for Residential Address £115.00 £23.00

For active and dissolved companies, we are able to apply to protect your home address from being shown on public records with Companies House.

When appointing a Director or PSC you may have used your residential address as the correspondence address, without realising this address would be shown on public records. If this has occurred, we are able to apply to remove this address from public records so that it isn’t available for inspection.

If you are appointed within a live company, we are able to apply to remove the address and show an alternative address (also known as a correspondence address). If you were appointed to a dissolved company, we can simply apply to remove the address and Companies House will just display the post code.

Please note that this process cannot be used to remove a home address if you have used it as a company’s registered office.