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Correspondence Address Scotland

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Correspondence Address Scotland £34.95 £6.99

What is a Correspondence Address?

A Correspondence Address also known as a Service Address is an official address that all company directors are legally required to have when they are appointed to a UK Company. Directors receive their statutory mail and legal notices from Companies House and HMRC at the Correspondence Address. The address details are available to the public and are displayed on the public records.

The Correspondence Address must be a physical address and it can be located anywhere in the world, it can be a residential address, non-residential address or it can be the same address as the company’s Registered Office Address.

Our Scotland Correspondence Address can only be used within a company if the company is also using our Scotland Registered Office Service.

Why do I need a Correspondence Address service?

• To ensure your residential address is not displayed on public records
• Stop the Director from receiving unsolicited junk mail
• Prevent unwanted visitors at your home/business address
• There will always be someone at hand to forward on your essential and important mail

This service provides you with a Correspondence Address located in Glasgow, Scotland.
On a weekly basis, all Government mail will be forwarded to an address of your choice, if the forwarding address is overseas postal charges may apply.

What is the difference between a Correspondence Address and a Residential Address?

Correspondence Address:
• Address is displayed on public records
• May be any address and does not have to be your residential address
• This is the address where statutory mail and legal notices are sent
• Address can be located anywhere in the world

Residential Address:
• Address is not displayed on public records
• This must be a residential/home address
• Must be the address where the Director lives
• Address can be located anywhere in the world