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Telephone Answering Service (Annual Contract)

Please review your requested service and assign to a company below:

Description Price + VAT
Telephone Answering Service (Annual Contract) £334.00 £66.80

What is the Telephone Answering service?

Telephone answering is a service whereby we answer telephone calls on your behalf.
Your calls will be answered by our experienced and professional UK based team.
All calls will be answered in a professional manner and in your company name, we will then take a message from the caller and pass the message onto you for you to return their call at your earliest convenience.
We will never outsource your calls so you can be sure of the quality and confidentiallity.

Please see example below:
• Customer calls your specific contact number
• We answer the phone in your company name
• We take a message from the caller
• We email the message onto you
• You return the call at your earliest convenience

How long is the service valid?

The telephone answering service is valid for a period of 12 months and can be renewed after this period.
We will send you an email notification 1 month before the service is due for renewal.
By ordering the annual package you will receive one month free.

What is included in the Telephone Answering service?

The following is included in the telephone answering service:

• Set up fees
• Call deposit of 20.00GBP
• 50 Calls answered per month within 8 seconds

The call details are emailed to you in real time. After the first 50 calls there is a charge of 79p per call.