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Company Brass Name Plate

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Company Brass Name Plate £32.95 £6.59

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What is a Brass Name Plate?

A Brass Name Plate is a name plate which displays the company name. The plate is usually presented at the Registered Office Address of the company to show that the company is registered at the address. The company name and other information you require is engraved into the Brass Name Plate to give a professional look.

What information can be shown on a Company Seal?

Usually the only information that is usually shown on the name plate is the Company Name. However, if you have specific requirements please let us know and we will try our best to cater your requirements.

You may also wish to include the following information on the Brass Name Plate:

• Company Number
• Date of Incorporation

How long does it take to obtain a Brass Name Plate?

Upon receipt of your order, it will take approximately 5 working days for the Brass Name Plate to be prepared and dispatched to your required address.
The timescale quoted is for us to prepare your Brass Name plate, it does not include a timescale for delivery to yourself.