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We provide a first class service for incorporating and managing UK Companies. We are here to assist UK and Overseas clients throughout the formation and management of their company and we are available via telephone, email, online chat, skype and social media for any support.

There are many advantages of using CFS over Companies House, to read some of the very few advantages, please see below:


It is very easy and straight forward to incorporate a company with CFS. Our online application form checks all details as they are being submitted to eliminate any errors when incorporating the company. There are also other advantages of using CFS to incorporate your company, please see below:

  • We provide fully completed Company Register, including PSC Register
  • Share Certificates are provided once the company has been formed
  • You are able to use your own company Articles of Association free of charge and you can upload them during the incorporation process
  • Ability to upload supporting information if you are using a sensitive word – this information can also be submitted electronically. If you were to do this with Companies House, you would be required to submit the company by paper
  • We offer a variety of incorporation types which can be processed electronically – Companies House do not have this ability
  • We offer a registered office address facility and you can choose one of our services when in the process of entering your company details
  • We can offer Nominee services so that your details are not shown on public records
  • Free resubmission of Companies if they are rejected – without the need to re-enter all company information again
  • If you use the same officers for each incorporation, we provide you with the ability to save the officers details so that you do not need to enter the same information over and over again
  • Should your application be rejected, a member of our customer service team will contact you to see whether any assistance is required
  • Your settings on our website provides you with the ability to have the same authentication code for each company, or you can choose to have individual codes
  • We can print your documents and professionally bound them and post to any address
  • Referral to accountants – if required

Filing of the Confirmation Statement

  • Make changes to company i.e. Company officers and Registered office and submit at the same time
  • Submit your Confirmation Statement at any time, select a date for submission and we will hold filing until requested date
  • At the first of the month you can submit all your monthly filings and we will hold them and then submit them on the appropriate day
  • Shareholder information available, if incorporated through CFS

General Advantages

  • You can view a full payment and order history with us under your My Account facility
  • Pay us by Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card or PayPal
  • Helpful, friendly staff who get to know your own individual requirements
  • Fast and Reliable – we respond to all orders and enquiries within one working hour, ensuring you receive the best possible customer service
  • Monitor all applications and orders from start to finish
  • Company Diary – view all your company filing dates in one place, including Registered Office services, Confirmation Statements and Accounts
  • Company Manager – view all your live up to date company details for free and make changes to officers or addresses for a very small charge
  • Our customers are our first priority – if you’re happy, we are!

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