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What is the Accounting Reference Date ( ARD )?

The ARD reflects what date your company’s accounts are due to be filed. It's the last calendar day of the month, when your company was set up - eg if your company was set up on 12 May, its first accounting reference date will be 31 May the following year.

How do I change the Accounting Reference Date?

To change the date, you will usually need to supply us with the company number and unique authentication code, these details may already be saved in our system if you formed your company through CFS. If you do not have your unique authentication code that is no problem we can still assist you with changing the ARD, please contact us for assistance.

When you indicate to change the ARD, you will be asked to enter a new date. Please note the following:

  • You cannot change the date for a company where the accounts are overdue
  • You cannot extend a period beyond 18 months unless the company is in administration
  • There are no limits when shortening the ARD

You are able to change your Accounting Reference Date electronically using our Company Manager. Our Company Manager is linked directly to Companies House which allows us to obtain the most up to date information on your company within a few seconds.

To discuss how to use our Company Manager effectively, please call us or, you can use our live chat facility.

How long does it take to change the date?

Firstly, you will be required to add your new Accounting Reference Date onto our Company Secretarial Services. Once all the new details have been provided and you have placed your order, the details of the new Accounting Reference Date will be automatically sent through to Companies House, it usually takes a few hours for the changes to be accepted.

You will receive email confirmation once the change in accounting reference date has been accepted with Companies House.

All changes within a UK Company must be reported to Companies House. 

To make changes to your company, please visit our Company Manager.