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A Shelf Company is incorporated to be kept as a dormant, non-trading company. The companies are extremely popular for clients who wish to obtain older companies.

Research shows that clients like companies who can show longevity as they give the impression of being trustworthy and gives confidence the business is experienced in its relevant field. A shelf company will give the impression that the company has been around longer and therefore give the client the confidence to do business with you.

When approaching a bank for an account, credit card or business loan it can be more favourable to have an aged company then a recently registered company.

It can be a challenge to gain trust from suppliers due to the company being recently registered.  A shelf company with a history at Companies House would promote a more professional image and therefore appear more trust worthy.

We ask for the new company details including directors, shareholders, business activities etc. once we have received these it usually takes around 24 hours to be accepted at Companies House.

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