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Company Diary

Here at CFS, we strive to ensure that our Customers have everything that they need to keep organised and ensure that all filings are complete in time and at ease.

Along with the free filing reminders which are emailed to our clients, we also have a Company Diary service which allows our customers to manage their Company Filings such as Confirmation Statements, Accounts and Registered Office renewals.

What is the Company Diary?

The Company Diary is an easy and simple system that has been put into place to ensure that you never miss a filing for any of your Companies.

When viewing the page, you will see the filings in date order.

The Confirmation Statements, Accounts and Registered Office services can be renewed on this page, by selecting the ‘renew’ or ‘file’ buttons which will place the charges in your Shopping Basket. 

How will the Company Diary help/benefit me?

Your Company will be loaded into the Company Diary once it has been incorporated, meaning you don’t need to worry about finding out the filing dates, and adding them into a physical diary.

The Diary can be used to remind you of your filing dates and help you keep your Company in Good Standing.

All of your Filings are in one place, allowing you to manage your companies in a simple and organised space. The Diary also allows you to pay for Confirmation Statements, Accounts and Registered Office services on the same page to save time on searching for the services on our website.

Where can I find the Company Diary?

You will need to be logged into our website to be able to view the Company Diary.

Once logged in, you can find the Company Diary on the Dashboard/Settings page, under ‘My Account’

What does the Company Diary look like?

You can see a screenshot of the Company Diary below.



If you would like to discuss this service, or have any questions then please contact us here.

A member of the team will be more than happy to help you.