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Invalid Registered Offices

Companies house are enforcing a new policy on 6th April 2016 that will affect all UK companies who have an invalid or expired registered office address.

What is a UK Registered Office Address?
A registered office is the official address of an incorporated company.

How Will the New Change Affect You?
If you are using any of our CFS addresses as your registered office address you will probably already be aware that they are valid for 12 months and then you will be required to pay for the address to be renewed. From 6th April 2016 if you do not renew your address and change to a new UK address, Companies House will investigate why the company is using an address without authorisation.

What Happens Once They Have Investigated?
After the investigation if they are satisfied that the company is not entitled to use the registered office address (if the address has not been renewed or changed) they will have the power to change the registered office address of that company or LLP to an ‘invalid’ address.

What is the Invalid Address?
An address at Companies House which will make all authorities aware that the company is using an address without authority, this will have potential implications on the company’s good standing. The company will also not receive any important official post.

How Can CFS Help?
There is some good news!
If you are using a CFS registered office address you can be reassured that you will receive reminders in plenty of time before your registered office expires ready for you to renew in time.
If you no longer wish to use one of our registered office addresses you can change it using our simple and easy to use secretarial services.