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A registered office address is a legal requirement for all companies registered at Companies House.  This address is displayed on public records at Companies House and is the companies official address. This is the address that Companies House, HMRC and other government bodies will use to deliver legal letters and notices.

All of our Registered Office Services are valid for 12 months., it is important to ensure that the Registered Office Address Service is in date.

If you no longer require the service, you will need to provide an alternative Registered Office Address and update this with Companies House. If you do not renew the service or update this address, we are required by law to file an RP07, this will change the companies Registered Office Address to Companies House Default Address. This can affect the good standing of your company.

You can view your Renewal Dates by accessing your dashboard on our website under ‘Your Registered Office Account’, this will allow you to keep track of all your companies under one page. CFS will also send you email reminders when the company is nearly due to renew this service.