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We are pleased to announce we are reducing the price of our St Vincent LLC Company Formation from 764.00 GBP to just 720.00 GBP.

The discounted price will be available until the end of April 2023.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is becoming one of our most popular locations for business owners who are looking to take advantage of setting up their company offshore.

Forming the company using CFS formations ensures a simple and straight forward process, we are able to form the company usually within 2- 3 working days.

There are many advantages of choosing this jurisdiction, such as it can be formed with only one Manager who can also act as Member within the company.

None resident Members of a St Vincent company are exempt from all income taxes, capital gains taxes and corporate taxes in St Vincent.

Lastly, no details of Members and Managers are displayed on any publicly accessible register and information on the beneficial owner is confidential and not submitted to the registrar.

Follow the link below to read more information around a company formation in St Vincent and the Grenadines: