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Will Brexit affect company start-ups in the UK?


Our technology specialist and overall business enthusiast Adam Jones investigates:

After the unexpected announcement that 52% of the UK voted to leave Europe I wanted to know how Brexit would affect (if at all) the amount of new business being created in the UK.

The UK government have increased their focus on helping UK start-ups and with a renewed effort to create trade deals with the rest of the world, this could be an opportunity for UK start-ups to look at solving problems for a much wider range of markets.

So are people still looking at the UK as an attractive jurisdiction to start their businesses? I found some interesting facts:

  • The number of companies in the UK has hit an all-time high.
  • Start-up rates have increased at such a speed the UK is now emerging as the most entrepreneurial major economy in the world.
  • We now have 1 incorporated business for every 17 people
  • More than 170,000 non-UK nationals registered firms with Companies House in 2015