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New Zealand Company Registration

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The key features of a New Zealand Company Registration are:

  • There are no reporting requirements for foreign trusts and no requirement to file any accounting records with any government or regulatory body
  • New Zealand is situated near Australia and therefore is not restricted by the European Union regulations
  • A visit to New Zealand is not required to form your company
  • Only 1 director and 1 shareholder are required for an Incorporation. The director must be resident within New Zealand. We are able to assist with a resident director if required. Any additional directors and shareholders can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world.
  • New Zealand has been ranked as the easiest country to start a new business

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, it is made up of two main islands and a number of smaller islands. New Zealand is situated east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and south of the Pacific island areas of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga.

A New Zealand Company will be tax exempt if it is a holding company or if it is trading and all operations are outside New Zealand. The most common type of company which is formed in New Zealand is a Limited Liability Company. This type of company is a legal entity that is separate from the individuals who run it.

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What’s included for £819.00

  • New Zealand Company Registration
  • New Zealand Government Registration Fees
  • Registered Office 
  • Registered Agent 
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of the Company Constitution
  • Shareholders Initial Resolution
  • Share Certificates
  • Copy of Statutory Registers

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Once all the required identification documents are produced, the New Zealand Company formation process will take approximately 5-7 working days subject to compliance review.

Please Note: Due to the difference in time zones we work on, the replies will not always be immediate from the agent and can impact the response time.

Offshore Bank Account

After forming your company you may wish to open an Offshore Business Bank Account. CFS International Formations have a close working relationship with many Offshore Bank Accounts.
The Banks we have chosen to work with meet our high standards of confidentiality, have a high reputation and offer a wide range of banking services which we believe will best suit your requirements.

To apply for an Offshore Bank Account, you will need to comply with the identification requirements. Like us, the Bank must ensure they are complying with the authorities, as this will help to reduce the chances of Money Laundering.

Listed below are the Accounts we are able to offer you for your New Zealand Company Formation:

Initial Deposit Timescale (working days) Visit to country required? Price
Lithuanian Electronic Money Institution 500 - 1500 EUR - see More Info 3-10 No £340.00 More Info >
Mauritius Bank Account 5,000 USD 3-5 No £300.00 More Info >
Puerto Rico Bank Account 500 EUR 3-5 No £350.00 More Info >

Why Form a Company in New Zealand

New Zealand has been ranked as one of the best jurisdictions in the world for starting a business.

The most popular type of company and most successful business structure in New Zealand is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), this type of company is a legal entity that is separate from the Shareholders or Owners of the company. The Shareholders of the company are not personally liable for any of the entities debts or liabilities, they are only liable for any unpaid money that are owed on the company shares. 

A New Zealand Limited Liability Company is a flexible type of business, and is almost always suitable for our client’s requirements and business activities. The registration process for a New Zealand company formation is relatively straight forward and can usually be completed within one week.

To set up a New Zealand Company no personal presence is required, although at least one Director must be resident in New Zealand. The location of the Meetings for the Directors and Shareholders do not need to be held in New Zealand, they can be held anywhere in the world.

Tax Information for your New Zealand Company Registration

All tax resident New Zealand companies must pay corporate tax on their New Zealand income, the corporate tax rate is charged at a standard rate of 28%. Businesses are required to submit their tax filings by the 31st of March and to pay provisional tax on 15th January, 31st March and 7th May. The standard goods and services tax rate is 15% in New Zealand.

Dividends that are paid to non-residents are subject to a 30% withholding tax, this rate can be minimised depending on the company earnings, share capital and double taxation treaties. New Zealand do not have any inheritance or wealth tax.

A company that is not trading from New Zealand is only liable in respect of income derived from New Zealand. A New Zealand company is taxable on its worldwide income.

A New Zealand Company will be tax exempt if it is a holding company or if it’s operations are outside of New Zealand.

Company Name

When choosing a company name for a New Zealand company formation, you must ensure that all words within the name are in English. The name must end with LIMITED, once the company has been incorporated the abbreviation LTD can be used anywhere.

When choosing your company name you should be aware that some words are prohibited. These words include royal, national, international and commercial. If a company name is deemed misleading or offensive the New Zealand authorities may query your company name.

Directors and Shareholders

For a standard New Zealand company formation, a minimum of one individual director and one shareholder is required, however, the Shareholder does not need to reside in New Zealand. The director of a New Zealand company must reside in New Zealand. If you do not have a Director resident in New Zealand, we are able to assist with this requirement by providing a Nominee Director Service.

Share Capital 

The standard currency for a New Zealand Company formation is NZD New Zealand Dollar, and the standard authorised Share Capital 10,000 New Zealand Dollars. The minimum paid up share capital for a new company can be as low as 1 NZD.

Bearer Shares are not permitted within a New Zealand Company Registration.

Annual Requirements for your New Zealand Company Registration

For a New Zealand company registration, annual requirements are minimal. On a yearly basis it is a requirement that a New Zealand Company is renews their Registered Office Address and the Registered Agent service. These services are included in the CFS annual renewal cost.

A New Zealand Company is also required to keep company books and they are required to comply with certain accounting requirements. Accounts must be audited in line with the statutory requirements. A New Zealand Company is required to file an Annual Return before the 31st March each year. If the assets of the company exceeds $20 million, an annual statement also needs to be filed. These fees are not included in CFS annual renewal cost.

All New Zealand Companies are due for renewal on the 31st of March each year

Yearly Renewal £495.00

On a yearly basis a New Zealand Company must be renewed with the Registered Agent and Authorities in New Zealand. By renewing your company this ensures that it is kept in Good Standing with the authorities in New Zealand. Any Nominee Officers will require renewing on a yearly basis. All New Zealand Companies should be renewed before the 1st of March each year

The price for a New Zealand yearly renewal is £495.00

The following is included in a New Zealand yearly renewal:

  • Registered Agent
  • Registered Office
  • Government Registration Fees

All New Zealand Companies are due for renewal on the 31st of March each year

Discover New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses—the North Island, and the South Island and around 600 smaller islands. New Zealand is situated 1,500 kilometres (900 mi) east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) south of the Pacific island areas of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. Because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans.

Additional Services

If you would like an Additional Service for a New Zealand Company Formation, please contact our office with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.

Business Activities

If your business activities are classed as high risk, involve gambling or crypto currency, they may incur additional costs. We can check this before you order. Please contact our team for any further assistance you may require.

Ready Made Offshore Companies

A Ready Made Company is a company which has previously been formed and been stored as a non trading company. By purchasing a Ready Made Company you can:

  • Boost your business with an established company
    Appear to be a reliable company that has been in business for several years
  • Establish Business Relationships Easily
    Business and Banking relationship are easily established with an older previously registered company
  • Gain Confidence from customers
    New and existing clients will feel more confident in dealing with you as your company has a history
  • Be Reassured
    All our Ready Made Companies are non trading companies, are totally clean and clear of any business debts and liabilities

Please click here to view more information about Offshore Ready-Made Companies and how they may benefit you. You will also be able to view a list of the countries where we can offer Offshore Ready-Made Companies. Unfortunately, the list of company names is always changing due to customer purchases. Therefore, we are unable to provide an exact list of the available company names on our website. To obtain the most recent list of available companies, please contact us.

Why use CFS for your New Zealand Company Registration

CFS have been dealing with New Zealand company formations for over 9 years and we pride ourselves on not only the speed in which we can incorporate but also the efficiency of the service we provide.All work carried out by our specialist team for your New Zealand company registration is done with the utmost confidentiality and urgency.

Our New Zealand company formation package includes the requirement of a registered agent and registered office in New Zealand. We also provide fully completed company documents confirming the existence of the company. We have one of the lowest prices for the annual renewal of the company.

We have an easy to use online order form which can be used for a New Zealand company registration, this reduces the need for lengthy forms to be completed.

Once you place an order you will have a dedicated business administrator who will deal with all the necessary requirements of the New Zealand company formation on your behalf.


What Identification (Due Diligence) documents are required for each company officer and beneficial owner?

  • Certified Passport Copy
  • Certified Utility Bill dated within the last 3 months

Are there any hidden extras in the company formation price?

No, at CFS we ensure our company formation price includes everything needed to setup your company ready for you to trade 

Will I receive a certificate of incorporation when my company is formed?

Yes, when your company has been incorporated you will receive this via email and also a hard copy.


“I am very pleased with the service that CFS provided for my New Zealand Company Formation – thank you”

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