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Price: £50.00

What is a Certificate of Trading?

A certificate that is issued to public limited companies (PLCs). All PLC’s are required to obtain a certificate of trading before they are able to trade. If the public company does trade before the certificate has been issued, the company and their officers may be liable to criminal penalties. The certificate is only issued if Companies House believe that the company complies with the relevant rules regarding the share capital requirement of 50,000GBP.

How long does it take to obtain a Certificate of Trading?

We will send you an application form to complete. Once we have the original, we proceed to obtain your Certificate.

It usually takes us approximately 5 working days to obtain a Certificate. 
Once we have obtained the Certificate, the original will be posted to you by your chosen delivery method.
The timescales quoted are for us to obtain the documents for you, postage time to yourself is additional.

If you have a PLC that requires a certificate of trading, please order this service from our UK Additional Services