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Terms and Conditions

By accessing, viewing, or using our website, you indicate that you understand and intend these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to be the legal equivalent of a signed, written contract and equally binding, and that you agree to such Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

When requesting services from our site you agree to comply with the on-line ordering procedure as prompted on our site.

Payment Terms and Conditions

We accept the following payment methods when incorporating your new company; Credit Cards Online, Credit Cards via telephone, Bank Transfers, PayPal and Cheques.

We are not bound to provide any Services before the fees are paid in full by the Client.

All products and services remain our property until payment has been received in full.

Depending on cost, there may be an additional Credit Card Charge. You will be informed.

Shelf Companies

Ownership of shelf companies will remain with CFS until we have received full payment plus all the full and complete details which we require to be able to transfer ownership to the new owner; this will include all beneficial owners details.

If we do not receive these details within two weeks of the original order we will transfer the company to any persons details we may have, this may be the persons details who ordered the company. We will also file a confirmation statement to transfer the share.

Please be aware that you are unable to trade with the company until the ownership has been transferred over to you.

Please Note - Once your Shelf Company order is placed, we will require two forms of Due Diligence (KYC) documents - this includes a copy of a Passport/Drivers Licence/ID Card and a copy of a Utility Bill (Bank Statement/Gas/Electrical Bill).

In certain circumstances, our compliance team may request enhanced Due Diligence checks be performed on company officer's, in which we may request a Selfie of you holding your ID Document and/or your documents be certified by an accountant/solicitor/notary.

If you are unable to provide your Due Diligence within our provided timescales, we will proceed in refunding your order back to the method of payment you processed the service with.

Please Note - A £10-£25 administration fee may be deducted from the original amount paid, and if we are refunding back to a card, our standard 6% card fee will also be deducted from the original amount paid. Any refunds or partial refunds will be at our discretion. 

If you are acting as an Agent, you will need to collect Due Diligence on behalf of your client and provide to CFS Formations via email to ensure sufficient Money Laundering Regulations are made.

Please note - If we are unable to deliver the company documents due to an incorrect address or no-response to our emails requesting an alternative address within four weeks of the order date the documents will be safely disposed of. If these documents are required after they have been safely disposed of we will require payment again.

Refunds Policy

We are confident that you will find our company formations products and services excellent value, but should you be dissatisfied with the service you receive, please contact our office to discuss the problem. All our efforts are focused on customer satisfaction, to ensure you receive the very best standard of service.

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our services or products, refunds may be given at the discretion of the management.

An administration cancellation fee varying between £10-£25 depending on the order will be applicable (including any services such as exit fee's etc).

We are not liable for any bank charges to refund back to a non UK bank account. 

If any PayPal Payment is disputed and refunded to a client, the ordered items will remain the property of CFS.

Paying by Card and Refunding by Card

Please be aware that CFS are charged a 3% fee when payments are received by card. A 3% fee is also charged on any amount we refund by card.

Therefore, if a payment is received by card and then refunded by card a 6% fee will be deducted from the refund we are sending to you.

If we are processing a refund to a UK Bank, the initial 3% fee will be deducted from the amount we refund to you.

This charge is in addition to any other administration or costs CFS may incur. 

Privacy Policy / GDPR

It is our policy to keep our clients details private and therefore do not pass any details on to marketing or research companies.

Personal details will NOT be disclosed or passed on to any unauthorised third party.

To comply with new Data Protection laws we would like to highlight that CFS may need to send personal details, previously entered, to the relevant authorities / organisations to enable us to complete your order. No details will be passed on to any unauthorised persons or used in any other way.

All personal information is held on our secure server and our website is HTTPS secure.

Please see link to our GDPR Statement

Our Obligations

We will exercise reasonable care in compiling our site, use reasonable efforts to make our site available to you at all times and take the steps set out in our Privacy Policy to endeavour to secure any personal data or credit card information you give us. Any Credit Card information taken over the telephone will be destroyed once the order has been paid for.

Delivery will be made as soon as possible after your order is accepted. We will deliver any goods ordered by you to the address provided by you at the time you make your order.

Once goods have been delivered to you they will be held at your risk and we will not be liable for their loss or destruction.

We will meet the time estimates given on our site but these remain estimates and in particular we accept no responsibility for delay caused by third parties or for reasons outside our control (such as Companies House delays, unavailability of the world wide web).

Our Registered Office Address service is for forwarding letters only onto you. If we receive a parcel for your company, we may contact you by email and provide you with a certain period to respond to our email. Failure to respond to our email within 4 weeks may result in your parcel being safely disposed of.

CFS International Formations reserve the right to withdraw or cancel any service(s) purchased from our website at any given time without prior notice if we do not feel your details meet our compliance criteria.


We reserve the right to cancel services without further notice if any payments are not received in the required timescale for the renewal of services provided i.e. Registered Office, Correspondence Address or Nominee Services.

If a registered office is not renewed after 12 months from the order date and an alternative address is not provided to us, or the address is not changed at Companies House, then we will inform Companies House who may change the address to their default address and the company will no longer be seen as in good standing.

If a correspondence address is not renewed after 12 months from the order date or an alternative address is not provided to us, or the address is not changed at Companies House then you agree for CFS to change the correspondence address to the companies registered office address.

Correspondence Address

When you order any of our Correspondence Address services, you are entered into a one-year agreement with CFS Formations which allows you to use the address for a 12 month period. Please Note: if the service is not renewed by the quoted date, CFS Formations hold the right to update the officer's Correspondence Address with Companies House to the address that is provided in your CFS User Contact Details.


CFS will always endeavour to notify you of your upcoming offshore company filings. However it will remain the company director(s) / secretary responsibility to keep up to date with all legal filing requirements. Therefore CFS will not be held accountable for any late filing penalties or if the company is removed from the company register. 

Please Note - for all offshore orders we are required to collect original certified Due Diligence documents before we are able to proceed with your order.

UK Filings

It will remain the company director(s) / secretary responsibility to keep up to date with all legal filing requirements. Therefore CFS will not be held accountable for any late filing penalties or if the company is removed from the company register. 

Tax Information

Tax rules differ from country to country and if you are unsure of your personal tax obligations, you should seek professional tax advice. It remains your responsibility to disclose your income to the tax authorities. Your tax situation will depend on your personal circumstances and the tax information provided on our website is based on our current understanding and is not intended as tax or legal advise, it is generic information not based on personal circumstances. Tax information is subject to change without notification to CFS Formations, so clients should always check the current tax status before proceeding.

Money Laundering

Under International Money Laundering Regulations, we have an obligation to ensure that our services do not aid money laundering or any criminal activity.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Money Laundering Regulations 2003 place some important obligations upon professional advisers from a wide range of sectors, including Tax advisers, Accountants, Auditors, Insolvency Practitioners and Legal advisers. Such professionals who carry on relevant business are required to fulfil a range of obligations to prevent money laundering.

In particular they are required to report their knowledge or suspicion of money laundering to the Authorities. This covers the proceeds of all crime including all acts of tax evasion and fraud.

CFS are registered with the UK HMRC as a company formation agent, our Money Laundering Registration Number: 12347326 (00000)

Please note: CFS will require certified copies of Due Diligence documents for the company officers of all offshore company formations.


Please be advised that all timescales quoted apply to our office hours of Monday - Friday, 9:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT.

Links to Other Sites

We may provide links to other sites on the Internet for the convenience of its Visitors in locating related information and services. These sites are maintained by third parties over which we have no control. Accordingly, we expressly disclaim any responsibility for the privacy policies, information collection practices, the content, the accuracy of the information, and/or quality of products or services provided by or advertised on these third-party web sites.


We are not liable for the loss of internet connection which may disrupt the use of its web-site or emails. Unfortunately if we do not receive your email due to loss of connectivity or any other reason we cannot be held responsible.

Any documents sent to us to be Notarised, Apostilled or Legalised are accepted in good faith and we can not be held responsible for any errors or omissions made on the documents.

Bank Accounts

Please note bank account openings cannot be guaranteed as this is totally at the discretion of the bank, although we try our upmost to ensure all applications are accepted.

Once an order is placed for bank introduction our work will commence and a full refund will not be provided. Any partial refund will be at the discretion of our management team and depend on the work carried out. CFS Formations cannot be held liable for any loss resulting in a client or account being refused or delayed for any reason.

Please note that the banks prohibited countries list, that transactions can be sent and received from can change without prior notice.

Nominee Director

The Nominee price is for the Appointment of the Nominee to the company for 1 year and the signing of the incorporation documents. If other documents should be signed by the nominee, there are several options:

1) the nominee is willing to sign documents subject to compliance checks, charges will occur to the client for the signing of documents. When originals ae required, courier expenses should be covered by the client too. Please note: Contracts and Agreements signed with value over 1 million, Assignment Agreement and Loan Agreements and other complex financial instruments are treated as high risk and are reviewed by the compliance. The provision of signatures on such documents depends on the case and is discussed individually.  

b) the documents can be signed by the company representative on the basis of the Power of Attorney, the client provides the nominee with a copy of passport of the Attorney and covers the fee for the Power of Attorney (legalised with Apostille) for a charge of 349.00GBP. Please note: The Power of Attorney is issued without the right of substitution.