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LLP Formation (Limited Liability Partnership)

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A Limited Liability Partnership, most commonly known as an LLP has no Director, Secretary, Shareholder or  Share Capital. Instead it is set up with members and designated members. The members can choose to state their contribution to the partnership when they are in the process of establishing the company. This type of company is commonly used by Solicitors and Accountants as each partner will have protected limited liability.

Our comprehensive packages for a LLP formation are shown below. If any of the packages do not suit your requirements, please contact us and we can tailor make a package to suit your requirements. 

We can provide a UK Registered Office Address for your company, if required. The Registered Office Services can be ordered during the incorporation process or as an additional service.

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Most Popular

A package providing all the legal documents needed to start trading immediately £67.95

Premium Package A quick and easy company formation, with all the legal documents emailed and printed£84.95

Privacy Package Full legal documents emailed, with full privacy protection on your home address and protection from any fraudulent activity £169.00

International (Non-Resident) This package is specially tailored for non UK residents incorporating a company in the UK. Includes all the required addresses and services for you to legally start a business in the UK£189.00

Business Package The complete professional package, including everything to start your new business. Smartly bound printed documents£199.00

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Fast Online Formation It’s quick and easy to complete our online application, it takes approximately 3-4 minutes. Your company should be ready to trade in 3 hours, our quickest time is 6 minutes (subject to Companies House).
Government Fees Companies House Registration Fees are included in all of our packages and prices. There are no hidden extras.
Emailed Certificate of Incorporation A PDF version of your Certificate of Incorporation. This is an official document which confirms your company name and company number.
Ready to Trade Company As soon as your application has been approved by Companies House, your new limited company will be ready to trade.
Free UK Bank Account Referral A Free Referral to a UK Bank for UK Residents only
3 Months Free Accountancy Accountancy using cloud based software FREE for 3 months. Excluding VAT returns & after 3 months will revert to standard rate
Free Google Adwords Voucher (worth £75) For Individual Clients only. We are delighted to offer you an Adwords voucher of up to £75, when you spend £25.00 with Google
Emailed Official Company Documents Once your company has been formed we will email you a completed set of your new official company register documents and share certificate.
Free Trademark Referral A free Trademark Referral to protect your Company Name against being used without your permission.
Emailed Member Certificate(s) An electronic version of your Member Certificate. This is a legal document which confirms the members within your company.
Emailed Company Register An electronic version of your Company Register fully completed with the first entries from your company registration.
Emailed Minutes of First Meeting An electronic version of a suggested initial board meeting where the initial resolutions for your company were passed.
Authentication Code For added security to your company. This code is unique to your company, and can be used to make electronic changes. Not many Company Formation Agents provide this service.
Emailed Reminders We will email you to remind you when your accounts and confirmation statement are due, to ensure you will never be late
Laminated Certificate of Incorporation The Certificate of Incorporation is an essential document that confirms your company exists. It is recommended that you have a printed version of this certificate which we can laminate.
Bound Company Register Includes your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Minutes of First Board Meeting, Company Register with First Entries and Share Certificate printed and professionally bound together.
Printed Certificate of Incorporation A printed copy of your Certificate of Incorporation included in your bound company register. This is an official document which confirms your company name and company number.
Printed Member Certificate(s) A printed copy of your Member Certificate included in your bound company register. This is a legal document which confirms the members within your company.
London Wood Green Registered Office This provides your company with a Registered Address located on Wood Green in London, the capital city of the UK. Your address will be protected as our address will appear on public records. The service is for Official Letters, which includes letters from HMRC and Companies House
London Wood Green Correspondence Address Our London, Wood Green Correspondence Address service for 1 Director. This address is shown on public records for the officers within your company. Using this will prevent your private address from being displayed on the Public Records
Fraud Protection The Fraud Protection service helps protect your company from Fraudsters. This stops most paper documents from being filed for your company, forms can be filed electronically using your unique code.
Prestigious London Registered Office This provides your company with a Prestigous Registered Address located on Regent Street in London, the capital city of the UK. Your address will be protected as our address will appear on public records. The service is for Official Letters, which includes letters from HMRC and Companies House
VAT Registration Assistance with obtaining a unique VAT Number for your company It is optional to apply for VAT. However, if your taxable supplies exceed £85,000 in 1 year, you must register for VAT

The partners witihn the LLP do not have any responsibility for the company’s debts.  The members of the LLP formation can agree between themselves how the company will be managed and how the capital will be owned and profits shared. These arrangements can be changed simply by an agreement between the members at any time.

Why choose a LLP Registration?

  • A LLP has the tax status and complete organisational flexibility of an ordinary partnership. This means it can adopt whatever internal structure it likes without requiring a Memorandum or Articles of Association, or needing to hold board or general meetings.
  • Any profit-sharing, arrangements, decision-making structure and other internal rules remain private between the LLP Members.
  • An LLP has reduced personal responsibility for the businesses debts.
  • LLP`s are very flexible and there can be a number of tax advantages by choosing this type of business structure.
  • An LLP does not have a Memorandum or Articles of Association, therefore they can adopt their own internal structure.
  • Instead of Articles, an LLP  has an agreement which can be created internally within the company. We can also provide you with a draft agreement, if required.


A Limited Liability Partnership is usually incorporated within 24 hours and ready to trade. However we have previously incorporated a company within 6 minutes but we are dependent on the workload at Companies House.

Requirements for a Limited Liability Partnership

For a LLP registration you will be required to supply the following:

  • The company name including the name ending of ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ or ‘LLP’.
  • The Registered Office Address must be located within the UK, we can supply an address if required.
  • A Minimum of 2 Members.
  • At least 2 of the Members must be Designated Members.
  • Name and Address of each Member and Designated Member.

An LLP can be incorporated electronically on our system. You will be asked to complete an online order form, before placing your order you will be able to review all the company details you have provided and amend anything if necessary. Once your company has been incorporated you will receive your Certificate of Incorporation confirming the existence of your company and many other fully completed incorporation documents.