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Branch Applications

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If an Overseas Company is trading within the UK or if it has a place of business within the UK you may wish to register its presence in the UK. To register the presence of an Overseas Company in the UK, you will be required to register a UK Branch/Establishment. It is recommended that you set up a Branch when your overseas company has a physical presence in the UK, such as a place of business where the company is trading from.

Why Choose a UK Branch / Establishment?

  • You may have an Overseas Company that you wish to start trading in the UK
  • With a UK Branch you can appoint the same officers which are appointed within your Overseas Company
  • There is no Memorandum and Articles for a Branch company as it is governed by the rules of its parent company
  • You are able to keep the overseas company name as your UK Branch company name, provided this is not offensive


On average it takes around 5 working days to register a UK Branch subject to compliance review.

Requirements for a UK Branch / Establishment

The requirements for a UK Branch are:

  • The branch must have a physical address in the UK where it carries out business for the company, to have a UK establishment and for the branch to be accepted at Companies House.
  • Incorporation documents of the overseas parent company – either as true copy from the registry where the company was incorporated or certified by the Director, Secretary or Authorised Representative.
  • If the company is required to disclose the Accounts within its own country, then a copy of the most recent Accounts will need to be provided
  • Any documentation provided to support the application must be a certified copy or stamped with the following words and ‘This is a true copy of the original document.’ The documents must be certified by the Director, Secretary or Authorised Representative.
  • Cannot be incorporated electronically, must be processed by paper

When all the relevant information has been supplied, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Registration which will confirm that your company has been registered on the Register of Companies.

Once your UK Branch has been registered, you must ensure that the UK Companies House are informed of any changes which occur within the Overseas Company.

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