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Company Name Change

Price: from £31.95

You can change the name of your company anytime after incorporation providing the name is acceptable. Changes can be made electronically or by paper. If you are changing the name of a company to a name that contains a sensitive word, the change of name would need to be processed by paper along with supporting evidence stating you can use the sensitive word.

Once you select to order the change of company name service, you will be asked to provide details on the new name and provide the Authentication Code. If you don’t have the Authentication Code, we can still apply to change your name by paper:

For an information discussion about changing your company name, please contact us via email, telephone or live chat.

What do I need to make the changes?

To allow us to change your name electronically we will require the following information:

  • Company Number
  • Existing Company Name
  • New Company Name
  • Authentication Code

If you do not have access to your company Authentication Code, we can assist with obtaining the code or we can proceed to change the name by paper.

How long does it take to change my company name?

If the change can be processed electronically, we have 2 services which you are able to choose from. Please see available services below:

If we are applying to make the change by paper, we have 1 service available. Please see below:

What will I receive once my company name has been changed?

Once the name has been changed and accepted by Companies House, you will receive a Certificate of Change of Name. This is an official certificate that confirms the following:

  • Company Number
  • Previous Company Name
  • New Company Name
  • Date the Company Name was changed

If you are applying to change the name electronically, the change of name certificate will be emailed to you. If we are changing the name by paper, then the name change certificate will be posted to you.

If you would like to change the name of your company, please order the service by selecting one of the links above.


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