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Fraud Protection

Price: £12.00

What is Fraud Protection?

Forms and paper documents can be signed illegally by fraudsters and filed at Companies House enabling them to change Directors, Shareholders and the Registered Office without you knowing.
Signatures on paper documents are not fully checked by Companies House.

The Fraud Protection service helps to protect your company from Fraudsters.

This service stops most paper documents from being filed for your company, the forms can only be filed electronically using your own unique code. 

Every time a document is filed for your company you will also receive an email notification so you will be aware of any changes made.

By registering your company for Fraud Protection this will ensure you know everything that is happening within your company at Companies House.

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How will Fraud Protection protect my company?

Fraud Protection will protect your company because:

  • Paper forms cannot be filed – which means signatures cannot be forged
  • You can only make changes to your company electronically – anyone that has your unique authentication code can make changes to the company
  • You will be aware of all changes that occur within your company
  • You will receive an email notification each time something is filed for your company

How long is this service valid?

The Fraud Protection service is made up of 2 services including:

  • Proof Service
  • Monitor Service

The Proof Service is not renewable, as soon as you order this service it stays with your company forever. You can opt out of this service if it is not required.
The Monitor Service is a renewable service and can be renewed after a 12 month period, we will email you 1 month before this service is due for renewal.

Can I opt out of the Fraud Service?

Yes, you can opt out of the Fraud Service whenever you like. If the service was ordered through us, simply send us an email and let us know you no longer required the fraud protection service.

We will then remove your company from the Monitoring Service and we will opt out of the Proof Service for you.

If you require Fraud Protection for your company, please click here to order.