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Reserve a Company Name / Protect a Company Name

If you would like to create a Non-Trading, Dormant Company or wish to Reserve or Protect a Company or Business Name, then our Reserve a Company / Business Name Package is just for you.

Our Reserve a Company name service registers the name of your company at Companies house preventing anyone else from using or trading with that name.

If this package is not for you, or if you would like to go ahead and purchase a Reserve a Company Name Package, please click here. You will be able to purchase our Reserve a Company Name package and also view the other packages we have available. 

Why reserve a Company name?

You may need more time to put your new business plans in place or it may be just simply you are a sole trader and don’t want anyone to use a company name similar to your trading name.

It maybe that you are in the process of setting up a new business without being ready to trade or do not wish your details to appear on the public register at Companies House for the time being.

It is a very inexpensive way to protect the company name and prevent others from using that business name without you needing to trade. Your company will be set up as a non-trading dormant company.

Protect your reputation.

You may own a business which is trading as ‘Best Consultants’ and have spent many years building up a good reputation.

A new business called ‘Best Consultants Ltd’ starts trading, but has developed a poor reputation. There’s a big risk that potential customers might confuse the two businesses and your hard earned business could be damaged.

More and more potential customers use the internet to source suppliers and businesses. If they come across a few bad reviews for ’Best Consultants Ltd’ you could miss out on valuable new business.

Can I trade with the company?

You are not allowed to trade with a reserve a name company, it is created as a non-trading dormant company, just to protect the company name for you and to prevent another person from trading with your chosen business name.

At any time, should you wish to start to trade with the company, just contact us and we can simply and quickly transfer ownership over to you. There is an administrative charge for us to transfer the business ownership over to you.

What is a Non-Trading Dormant Company?

A Dormant company is a business which does not trade and has no accounting transactions.

Dormant companies can also be used to hold an asset, such as a freehold property

Will I be required to give my name and address?

You will not need to provide any company officer details as we will incorporate the company with your chosen company name, using our Registered Office and with us acting as Director and Shareholder of the Company. All we will require is your chosen company name for us to reserve it for you, plus your contact details.

How long is the Company Name reserved for?

A Reserve a Name Company initially reserves the name for a year and if still required you have the option to renew on an annual basis. We will then file the Confirmation Statement and Dormant non-trading Accounts on your behalf.

Will you remind me when the reserve a name service is due for renewal?

Yes - reminders will be sent out prior to expiry in each year. If you fail to renew in time the service will be terminated.

Will I receive a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation?

Yes, you will receive a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, to confirm that the company has been set up and your name is protected. However you will not be able to trade with the dormant company.

Can I see the details of my company?

Your company details will be available for you to view in the 'My Companies' section of your Dashboard.

Can I still trade as a sole trader business whilst using this service?

Yes, absolutely. Your sole trader business will have no impact upon your existing registered dormant company until you decide you want to trade as a limited company.

Do I need to contact HMRC?

You have no need to contact HMRC as we will register the company as a Non-Trading Dormant company with HMRC.

What will the companies SIC code be?

We will register the company at Companies House as a Dormant Company. The CIC code will be 9999.

Will I be able to make any changes to my Reserve a Name Company?

You will not be able to make any changes to your company, until ownership is transferred to yourself. This is a straightforward and simple process which can be done at any time.

Do I need a bank account for my dormant non-trading company?

A bank account is not required for a non-trading company. It is actually advisable not to have a bank account as it may appear to HMRC that the company is in fact making financial transactions.

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