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Company Diary

This page allows you to view a list of companies incorporated via our system and view important due dates.

Registered Office Address Service
  • These are usually due for renewal 1 year after purchase.
  • If a registered office is not renewed by the due date, the address will be set as expired and will be set to Companies House default address.
Confirmation Statements
  • These are due each year after incorporation.
  • Confirmation Statements can be filed before the due date, however this will change the filing date for the following years.
  • If an Confirmation Statement is filed late or not filed at all, the Limited Company registration in question is likely to be struck off the company register.
  • These are due each year, on the last day, of the month of incorporation.
  • Accounts may be filed up to 8 months after the due date.
  • If your company is dormant (Non-Trading Company), you may file Dormatnt Company Accounts form through our system.


We are not able to display Accounts and Confirmation Statements where the due date has passed i.e. if the due date was yesterday.

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