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Reserve a Name Company - Renewal

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Description Price + VAT
Reserve a Name Company - Renewal £85.00 £14.20

What is a Reserve a Name Company?

If you wish to protect a Company Name or create a Non-Trading or Dormant Company, then you may wish to order a Reserve a Name Company.
For our Reserve a Name Package we will incorporate a company with the name of your choice.
The company will then be incorporated using our Registered office and we will act as Director, Secretary and Shareholder of the company.
As the company is incorporated with our details, the company is owned by us and you are not able to use the company to conduct any business, but nobody else can use your company name.

Why would I need a Reserve a Name Company?

If you have a specific company name in mind but are not sure whether you would like to start business with the company, a reserve a name company is ideal.
The company name will be registered so that no one else can incorporate the company with the same name. We will maintain the company for as long as you need.

Subject to the renewal fee’s being paid.

How long will a Reserve a Name Company Last?

After the first year the Confirmation Statement and Dormant Accounts will be due to be filed for the company. This is when we contact you to see if you require the company for a further year.

What if I do require the company for a further year?

If you do require the Reserve a Name Company for a further year we will charge you a minimal maintenance fee to keep the company running, once the fee has been paid we file the relevant forms so that the company remains in Good Standing with Companies House. We then update our records and contact you again the following year its that simple.

If I decide I want to start a business with the company, can I take the company over?

Yes, if you do decide that you would like to start trading with the company, please inform us and we can transfer ownership to you.
For further information on taking over a Reserve a Name Company, please contact us.