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Seychelles Company Name

We will check the availability of all the company names you provide.
If your first company name is not available, we will proceed with your second or third company name.

Your company name must include one of the following name endings: LIMITED,LTD,CORPORATION, CORP,LLC

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The standard Share Capital is 100000 shares of 1.00 USD each.

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Company Details

Please type the exact nature of your intended business. Please be as specific as possible. General statements like "Trading in goods" will not be acceptable. The more detailed the better.


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For SEYCHELLES Incorporations you must appoint at least 1 Director(s) , 1 Shareholder(s)


Please Note a Power(s) of Attorney by Notary and Apostille must be ordered with a Nominee Director Service.

Beneficial Owner

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Additional Services

Description Price Vat Total Select
Original Certificate of Incorporation by Apostille (Notary not required). £179.95 £35.99 £215.94
Seychelles Offshore Apostilled Incorporation Documents £245.00 £49.00 £294.00
Seychelles Offshore Certificate of Good Standing £215.00 £43.00 £258.00
Seychelles Offshore Certificate of Incumbency £195.00 £39.00 £234.00

Additional Information

Please enter any additional information that is relevant to your Offshore Incorporation.