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What are the annual requirements for a UK Company?

Every UK Company must file a Confirmation Statement and Accounts on a yearly basis. By filing your Confirmation Statement and Accounts, this will keep your company in Good Standing.

Confirmation Statement 
A Confirmation Statement must be filed to keep Companies House up-to-date about any changes which have occurred within your company. The Confirmation Statement is due on the Incorporation Anniversary day of your company. 
The Confirmation Statement can be filed though our Additional Services

The Accounts are simply a record showing the income and expenditure of your company. Depending on whether your company has traded or has not traded (dormant), will depend on which Accounts you need to file. If your company has traded within the last year you will be required to file Trading Accounts. If your company has not traded within the last year you will be required to file Dormant Accounts. The Accounts for your company are due at the end of the Incorporation Anniversary month. 
Dormant Accounts can be filed through our Additional Services