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What is the Postage Deposit?

The Registered Office Postage Deposit is a minimal amount to cover the postal costs of sending your Registered Office post to your overseas forwarding address.
The postal costs will be deducted from this deposit as they occur. Only the exact postage charge is deducted we do not add on any additional amounts for handling or administration.

You will only be charged once for the Registered Office postage deposit no matter how many times you order our Registered Office service. When the deposit gets low we will contact you to add an additional amount. On Registered Office renewal any balance or amount left will automatically be carried forward to the next year.

The Postage Deposit is included in our All Letters Registered Office Services, if you are resident outside the UK and require the use of one of our Registered Offices you will be asked to pay a 30.00GBP Postage Deposit. 

On your Registered Office Account you will be able to track any postage payments and your balance.

The Postage Deposit is only applicable to clients that choose our All Letter service, or clients that are located outside the UK.