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If you would like to create a Non-Trading, Dormant Company or wish to Reserve a Company Name, then our Reserve a Company is just for you.

Our Reserve a Name service registers the name of your company at Companies House preventing anyone else from using or trading with that name.

You will not need to provide any company officer details as the company is formed using our Registered Office and with us acting as Director and Shareholder of the company. All we will require is your chosen company name for us to reserve it for you, plus your contact details so we can contact you to renew the company.

You are not allowed to trade with a reserve a name company, it is created as a non-trading dormant company, just to protect the company name for you and to prevent another person from trading with your chosen business name.

At any time, should you wish to start to trade with the company, just contact us and we can simply and quickly transfer ownership over to you. There is an administrative charge for us to transfer the business ownership over to you.