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This is a question that a lot of clients ask us, which avenue they should go down.  With this being a decision that most struggle with, it’s good to do some research on what options are available. Obviously, you are the only one that can decide what option is best for you.  I hope the information below will give you an idea on what options are available and the information provided should help you make the right choice.

Advantages of purchasing a Ready Made Offshore Company

  • Reliability comes with an aged company, may add commercial credibility which is reassuring for your clients.
  • Business and banking relationships are easily established with an older company
  • New and existing clients will feel more confident dealing with you as your company will have a history.
  • The process is simple and straight forward, Shelf Companies are immediately available to transfer over to you to begin trading with the company

Advantages of an Offshore Company Formation

  • Usually cheaper than purchasing an existing company
  • You can choose the exact company name you require without having to change the name of the company
  • You are shown as being the owner of the company from day 1 of the registration
  • You can choose exactly how you wish the company to be registered
  • There will be no previous officers within the company – the registers of the company will show you only as being Director / Shareholder
  • The shares for the company will be organised exactly how you wish them to be

Advantages for both company choices are shown above, however the final decision would depend on your requirements and this is totally your choice.