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Nevada is one of the most popular states in the USA and has an exciting business community.

It is a great choice for clients wanting to start or expand their business for a wide range of reasons.

If you are looking at the tax prospects, there is no tax on corporate or income shares. No personal tax, annual franchise tax, inheritance tax or inventory tax.

It also boasts some of the lowest sales and property tax rates in the country.

Nevada has some of the most business-friendly laws and allows none residents to be owners of the company.

By using CFS formations we ensure that the company is set up legally and with all the requirements that are needed to begin trading. Please note that a business license is required in Nevada and unlike other formation agents we include this in our package.

Shareholders and business owners are also not required to submit their list of assets to the state.

Find out more about how CFS Formations can form your Nevada company by following the link:

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