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Company Director - What is it?

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A Company Director is a person who is in charge of a company, activity or specific department. They are responsible for the day to day running of the company. The Director does not own the company, they are responsible for running the company and attempting to make the company successful.

Who can be a Company Director?

A Limited Company must have a minimum of 1 individual Director, the Director can be any nationality and they can reside anywhere in the world.

To become a Director you must:

  • Be over the age of 16
  • Not been involved in any illegal activities
  • Have not been disqualified from being a director

How do I add a Director to my company?

You will be required to supply the following details for the new director:

  • Name
  • Address - residential and correspondence
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation

Add a Director here on our Company Manager

How do I change the details of a Company Director?

You are able to change the following details of a company director:

  • Name
  • Address - residential and correspondence
  • Nationality
  • Occupation

Change a Director here on our Company Manager

How do I remove or terminate a Director from my company?

You are able to choose which Director you would like to terminate together with the date the director was terminated.

All changes within a UK Company must be reported to Companies House, and can be filed using our Company Manager which is linked directly to Companies House.

In order to process the changes electronically you will required the company number and unique authentication code, these details may already be saved in our system if you formed your company through CFS. If you do not have your unique authentication code that is no problem we can still assist you with adding a new company director, please contact us for assistance.

To make changes to your company, please visit our Company Manager.


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