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Best Country to set up an Offshore Company

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Where should I set up my Offshore Company?

Choosing the right Offshore Jurisdiction can be a daunting task.  There are so many locations out there, each with their own benefits and advantages to suit you and your business needs.

Which is why it is crucial to invest time into researching the best Jurisdiction that will benefit you.

If confidentiality and privacy is what you are looking for with a simple set up, then Seychelles, BVI or Belize could be right for you.

Documents such as a passport and domicile proof is necessary for company incorporation in Seychelles & BVI, where as additional documents may be required in other Jurisdictions.

If asset protection is important, then maybe Cyprus could be what you are looking for.

If low taxation, easy banking and a cheap and fast company set up is what you are looking for then again Seychelles, BVI or Belize could be perfect for you.

For shipping registration, gambling licences or crypto currency licences look no further than Malta.

Here are some of our findings on the most popular jurisdictions we offer -

Best Country for Tax benefits - Seychelles

We offer Seychelles IBC, this is without a doubt one of our most popular offshore jurisdictions.  With confidentiality being one of the Seychelles main advantages.  The Shareholder and director are not part of the public register and are therefore kept out of the public eye.  The tax free haven is also a reason why Seychelles is a highly popular jurisdiction to form your company in. It is suitable for multi purposes with the ease, speed and simplicity of the incorporation, requesting minimal officers is also of great advantage too.

Easy, speedy set up with confidentiality - Belize

Another example of an easy, speedy jurisdiction to incorporate is a Belize LLC, where the confidentiality rule again applies.  A Belize company is often set up for businesses owning real estate property and land.  With no accounting requirements and no tax return or filing, requested in Belize, people often comment on the ease and simplicity of running their business here.  Belize also has minimal yearly requirements, making it a cheap company to run. There is also no initial capital requirements.

One of the oldest best offshore financial centres – BVI

BVI also known as the British Virgin Isle is one of the oldest and most respected offshore financial centres in the world.  Offering tax exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty.  Minimal yearly requirements are requested, with no financial information or reporting shown on public records. So highly confidential. The simplicity of the minimal officer requirements is a real advantage for companies in the BVI. Banking is a lot easier due to the requirements for filing companies seriously, additional forms are required which makes banks feel secure with this Jurisdiction.

Best EU countries for holding, trading and Intermediary business - Cyprus

Cyprus is proving itself to be one of the most popular jurisdictions for holding, trading and intermediary companies to conduct international business. Cyprus adheres to the EU rules and regulations and has one of the lowest corporation taxes in the EU.  The popular LLC companies are also known for their ease with setting up company incorporations. Cyprus has quickly become a reliable, legitimate jurisdiction with some of the lowest tax rates in the EU. It is an ideal destination for many foreign investors.

Best country for major international financial structure - Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been looked on as a positive taxable jurisdiction.  With the right structure and management, companies can be used for international trade without paying tax in Hong Kong.  This would be on the understanding that no income is sourced in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong not only has a gateway to China but will benefit from the abscence in Hong Kong of capital gains tax and also witholding tax on earnings remitted overseas.

Hong Kong is a major international financial centre and is becoming an increasingly popular place to incorporate companies, for international business purposes.

The Summary

With such a diverse range of offshore company jurisdictions, it is bound to be difficult to choose the right jurisdiction for you.  Setting up your company requires, thought, information processing and attention to detail to ensure that you choose the right country for you.  Take into consideration all advantages and disadvantages for each of the jurisdictions.  If you would like more information or wish to speak to one of our offshore specialists, please do not hesitate to contact us.