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What is a Company Seal?

A Company Seal, sometimes referred to as a Corporate Seal or Common Seal is an Official Seal used by a company to leave an impression in a document. A Company Seal is a hand-held tool used for imprinting or stamping a company name onto paper or card. It is no longer a legal requirement in the UK, however it is a legal requirement for most Offshore Companies.

Many Companies use a seal to authenticate important documents, some companies simply use a seal to add prestige to certain types of documents. A Seal may be required when dealing with overseas clients or lawyers, so it can be a useful tool to have.

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What information can be shown?

You can choose to include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Number
  • Date of Incorporation

You can specify what information you would like to be displayed on the company seal when you are in the process of placing your order.

If you have something specific that you require on the seal, please let us know and we will try our best to cater your requirements. 

How long does it take to obtain?

Upon receipt of your order, it will take approximately 5 working days for the seal to be prepared and dispatched to your required address.

The timescale quoted is for us to prepare your company seal, it does not include a timescale to deliver the documents to you.

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