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EORI Number - What is it?

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An EORI Number is an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number. It is obtained to help traders communicate with customs officials when they are importing and exporting goods. Importers and Exporters are able to obtain an EORI Number which can be used throughout the EU. The number can be used when communicating with any customs authorities in the EU, for example, in customs declarations where a customs identifier is required.

An EORI number is stored both nationally and on a central EU Economic Operator Registration and Identification database. The information the database provides is used by customs authorities to exchange information, and to share information with government departments and agencies.

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Why would I need an EORI?

You would need an EORI Number if you are exporting and importing goods throughout the EU. It is recommended to have an EORI number if you are required to provide pre-arrival or pre-departure information for goods that are being imported or exported.

The Security Laws mean that you are required to declare your goods that are arriving or leaving the EU. If you are not declaring your goods in the usual way you will be required to obtain an EORI Number to complete an entry summary declaration or an exit summary declaration.

How long does it take to obtain an EORI?

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a short application form that will need to complete with details of your exports and imports.

It usually takes HMRC around 3 working days to process an application for obtaining an EORI, however this could be longer or quicker depending on their workload.

As soon as we have obtained your EORI Number you will receive email confirmation.

What do I Need to obtain an EORI?

Upon receipt of an order we will send you an application form to complete, once all of the information on the form has been completed, we need the form emailing back to us.

Once the form has been received, we will forward it to out Accounts manager at HMRC who will review the information.

We do not require any identification documents to obtain an EORI Number.

If you require an EORI Number for your company, you can order this service here.


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