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UK Incorporations and Types

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Reserve a Name Package

This package is purely used to reserve a Company name to protect the name from other people using it or until you are ready to begin trading. Easy and low in price, this package has a number of advantages including:

  • Securing your company name so that nobody else can use it.
  • Inexpensive to manage
  • No need to remember to comply with all UK requirements as we will inform you when these are due.

We will register your chosen name with Companies House and maintain the company as being dormant, for however long you require the company name to be reserved. The company is incorporated with CFS as Director and Shareholder.

Once the registration has been completed, we will provide you with a copy of the certificate of incorporation to show that the company has been registered and we have secured the company name for you.

As the company is setup with CFS as Director and Shareholder, you will not be able to trade with the company as it is being incorporated purely to protect your company name. If you would like to begin trading, you will need to contact us so that we can transfer the company over to you. This is a simple, quick process, we only require a few details including the registered office address, director and shareholders appointments, for a small fee.

E- Mail Package

The Email Package is a low-cost ready to trade company formation. This is a great package if you require emailed copies of the registration documents. We provide more than a certificate of incorporation, we include a fully completed company register, share certificates and minutes of the first meeting.

Although this is our basic package, it includes everything that is required to setup and start trading with your UK Company. The package also comprises of useful additional services, including but not limited to:

  • Free Google AdWords worth £75.00 – this will help to make your business visible on search engines to potential clients and business partners. The more you appear on search engines, the more business you will receive
  • Free Bank Account Referral (UK residents only) – we will refer you onto a popular UK Bank and they will contact you to assist with the opening of a Bank Account. Popular Banks include, Lloyds, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and many more. We can assist non UK residents with a Bank Account, however a visit to the UK will be required

This package is also beneficial if you prefer to keep an electronic copy of your registration documents. As all documents are emailed to you, they can easily be saved and accessed on your PC.

Premium Package

This is our most popular package as it contains hard copies of your company documents. This package is worthwhile if you are considering opening a business bank account for your company, as you will be able to present all documents to the Bank. Accountants and Formation agents may also find this package beneficial as you will be able to professionally present the company documents to your client.

As well as receiving an emailed copy of the company registration documents, the documents will be printed and presented in a professional corporate folder. This will introduce your company with an established and reliable image to form business relationships easily.

The following documents will be displayed in the package:

  • Printed Memorandum of Association
  • Printed Share Certificate(s)
  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bound Company Register (this includes all the company Appointment details)
  • Laminated Certificate of Incorporation

We aim to arrange to dispatch the Incorporation documents on the same day the Company is incorporated.

The package also includes other services which may be beneficial to you, including access to our company manager. Our company manager is linked directly to Companies House and obtains the most up to date information about your company. Any changes that occur within a company, must be notified to Companies House and our Company Manager is a simple way to do that.

This package will be beneficial to you if:

  • You are Incorporating on behalf of a client and they would like a comprehensive and professional package with their Company Documents
  • You would like to receive a hard copy of the Company Documents at a competitive price

Privacy Package

If you need to keep you details confidential this is the package for you! This package includes services that prevents your details from being displayed on public records, these services include:

Registered Office Address

All UK Registered Companies are required to have a Registered Office Address. This address is displayed on public records. If you do not wish your residential address to be shown on public records, or if you do not have a business address yet, it will be beneficial for you to use a Registered Office service. This particular package includes the London Wood Green Registered Office, this will provide you will an established company image, as the Registered Address is located in the Capital City in the UK.

Correspondence Address

The Correspondence Address is the address that is shown for Directors that are appointed within a company. This address is displayed on public records and doesn’t need to be the Directors actual residential address. If you do not wish your residential address to be displayed on public records, it will be beneficial for you to use a correspondence address service.

The residential address is still required but will not be shown on public records. Within this package you will also receive the matching Correspondence Address to the London Registered Address.

The package also contains our Fraud Protection service, which is a great service to protect your company from Fraudsters. By using our Fraud Protection service this prevents any paper forms from being filed for your company. This is beneficial as fraudsters can forge signatures allowing them to be able to change details within your company. Instead of filing paper forms, changes will be made electronically by using the unique company authentication code that we provide to you when your company has been setup. You will also receive an email confirmation each time something is filed for your company. 

This is of benefit if you are looking for privacy, as it prevents your residential address from being displayed on public records.

Business Package

The Business Package is our most professional and fully comprehensive package. Similar to our Premium package, however it includes additional services that may be beneficial to you, including our Prestigious London Registered Office Address. Our Prestigious Address is located on Regent Street in London, this will give your company a more professional look as it will give your clients the impression that you are located on Regent Street.

Our Nominee Secretary Service is also included in this package, this will appoint us as Secretary within your company. By appointing CFS as Secretary within your company, this will give your company a more professional look as it will have a corporate officer appointed as Secretary. CFS have been established for more than 15 years, so this will build an impression that you have begun to build your business reputation.

This package includes everything that is included within the premium package, along with a printed copy of the Articles of Association. The Articles of Association are basically the rules of your company, this also underlines the director’s responsibilities as well as providing information on the type of company you have formed.

This package is great if you require the Premium Package, but would like more services to help build a more professional look for your company.

Non- Resident Package

To simplify the company formation process for residents living outside the UK, we have created a special Non-Residents package. Our Non-Resident Package has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of individuals or companies setting up a UK Company from overseas. The package provides everything you need to set up a ready-to-trade company in the UK.

This is our most unique package. As well as providing you with a hard copy of all registration documents including all legal documents such as a fully completed register, share certificate and first minutes of the meeting. All documents are presented in a professional folder, we also include fourteen additional services which are all beneficial to you and your business. Some of the services we have decided to include are:

  • London Correspondence Address for one Director – by using this service it will prevent the Directors residential address from being displayed on public records
  • London Wood Green Registered Office – this service provides you with a Registered Office Address for your company. All companies registered in the UK are required to have a UK Registered Office Address
  • VAT Registration – we will assist you with obtaining a VAT number for your company. We will provide full support throughout the application of obtaining a VAT number, the whole process usually takes around 14 working days

The Non-Resident package provides you with all of the services that are required to form your company from outside the UK. This package offers significance value and a huge saving on our products and services, than if you were to purchase them individually.

If you are a Non-UK Resident and are looking to setup a UK Company, the Non-Resident package will be perfect for you as it includes everything that is required to setup a UK Company. However, you can also purchase this package if you are resident in the UK to.

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