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Price: £755.00

What is a Nominee Director? 

A Nominee Director is a person appointed to the board of a company to represent the interests of his appointer on that board. The Nominee Director will have little or no involvement in the running of the company and will be on the Companies House register in name only. The beneficial owner may choose to appoint a Nominee Director because they do not want to register the company themselves as they wish to protect their own identity.

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This service is valid for a period of 12 months, and can be renewed after this period. This service includes an individual Nominee Director to be appointed to your UK Company. If you require any identification documents for the Nominee, additional charges will apply.

When can I use a Nominee?

You can select to have a Nominee Director when incorporating your company and entering all the company information. The Nominee will then be appointed upon incorporation and the name of the Nominee will appear on the incorporation documents under the director details.

You are also able to purchase our Nominee Director service after incorporation. Once we have received an order we will take action to appoint the Director to your company. The change will also be recorded with Companies House.

What do I need to provide?

The only information that we require from yourself for our Nominee Service is:

  • Beneficial Owners Name
  • Beneficial Owners Address
  • Business Activities

We will then be able to prepare the relevant nominee documents for you. You will be asked to provide the above information on receipt of an order. 

To use the Nominee Director service, the Beneficial Owner must be a Natural Person (individual), not a Corporate Officer.

How long is the Nominee Director Service valid?

The Nominee Director Service is valid for a period of 12 months, after this period you can choose to renew the service or we can resign as Director of your company. We will send you an email reminder 1 month before the service is due to expire so you have enough time to make your choice. 

Can I have a Power of Attorney giving authority to the Beneficial Owner?

The issuance of a Power of Attorney is not included in our Nominee Director price. The price for a POA is £195.00.
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