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European (SE) Public Company Formation

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A Societas Europaea Public European Company, most commonly known as an SE Company is a type of Public Limited Liability Company regulated under EU Laws. An SE Company is a legal entity based on a European Community Law which gives companies an option to form a European company. An SE can operate on a European Wide basis and be governed by a community law directly applicable in all Member States.

There are several ways of forming an SE Including the following:

  • Merger – Two or more public limited companies
  • Holding SE – Two or more private or public limited companies
  • Subsidiary SE – Articles 2(3) – Two or more companies (including SEs) firms of other legal bodies
  • Subsidiary SE Articles 3(2) – An Existing SE
  • Transformation - An existing public limited company

Why Choose an SE Company?

  • To operate throughout the EU on a single set of rules and reporting systems
  • Avoid the need to set up a complex network of companies/subsidiaries governed by different rules saving time and money
  • For a business that can restructure fast and easy to make the best possible trade opportunities
  • To expand and restructure cross borders without having to set up a new company which are ruled by different national laws


On average it takes around 5 working days to register a Societas Europaea Public European Company

Requirements for an SE Company

To register a Societas Europaea Company, you will be required to supply the following:

  • The company name
  • Registered Office in the same member state as the existing company
  • Cannot be incorporated electronically, must be processed by paper
  • Somebody must be designated to the management of the company
  • An SE company's share capital is similar to a PLC Company; it must have a share capital and shareholders with limited liability. At least 50,000GBP or equivalent must be paid. An SE company can have its share capital in any currency

Once all the relevant information has been supplied, Companies House will issue a Certificate of Incorporation which will confirm that your company has been registered on the Register of Companies.

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